> So assuming that the pinephone hardware gets
supported in upstream
> Linux[2], some work will still be needed to
support it in Replicant:

My understanding is replicant can run on any
android phone.

The reason why replicant is only available for a
few old phones
is because you have a modem isolation requirement

Does the pinephone meet the modem
isolation requirement about replicant? If that is
the case and the pinephone becomes a
functioning phone of quality, I see no reason why
replicant should not make
the pinephone a priority. What other options about
a new phone does replicant

Once on replicant's irc paulk
wrote, they had contacted fairphone in order to
advice fairphone on how to pick
a cpu with modem isolation, such that the phone
would get applicable
for a replicant version. Fairphone rejected.

Still if the pinephone's modem does not meet
replicant's modem isolation requirement,
should replicant not contact the pinephone team
and offer them their

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