Hi ni nhar,

You are indeed right, Replicant should not strong arm pine64 over the
purchase of one device. However we don't know their position yet. Better
contact them first and evaluate later, after getting a reply.

I actually believe they will be more than happy to provide a phone or a
devboard. Across all their documents they empathize that pine64
"collaborates with mobile OS developers/communties".

I see that you have a deep interest on getting Replicant support for the
pinephone. If that's so, I believe that there is nobody better suited
than yourself to take on the task. If you feel that you do not have the
necessary technical skills, you can always do the following:

1. Ask around and find a developer that is willing and skillful to take
on the porting effort.
2. Create the crowd funding yourself to fund the development effort. I
bet you will get the consent from the Replicant project to use their
name on the crowd funding page.

You should understand that Replicant is a community project. As such it
goes in the direction where its community members want to go, meaning
that what gets done is what people are willing do to themselves. The
best way to influence Replicant is to embrace a task a give it a good
push forward.

On a personal note. I wouldn't focus my time and attention on pinephone
right now. Mostly because it is still a promise and not an actual device
people can buy. As you can be seen at: https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
> This item is not yet available for purchase from the PINE64 store.

I would wait until it starts being mass produced. However, if you
believe that pinephone will be successful, then please give it a push.
GNUtoo already did the initial review and it seems to fit most (if not
all) Replicant requirements.

(I too would love to see this come to fruition. A fully functional
Replicant device running a free bootloader is something we have been
wishing for ages.)

Good luck!

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