> Thank you for not dodging when facing criticism.

>  I actually believe they will be more than happy
> to provide a phone or a
> devboard.

On armbian's forum a person I believe is the chief of
pine64 has given away soc computers for

>  I see that you have a deep interest on getting
> Replicant support for the
> pinephone.

Not in pinephone. In getting a new replicant phone
available for
people. Do you know a better option than the

> If that's so, I believe that there is nobody
> better suited
> than yourself to take on the task.

I disagree. Because I do not have the technical
skills, there are better
people to approach pine64. If none of you are
prepared to
email the chief of pine64 I can do it. But I will
tell him about my
limited knowledge on the matter. Then he may get
piqued asking himself, why doesn't a qualified
person from replicant
write me?

> If you feel that you do not have the
> necessary technical skills, you can always do the
> following:

> 1. Ask around and find a developer that is willing
> and skillful to take
> on the porting effort.

How can that be effective having me as a

> 2. Create the crowd funding yourself to fund the
> development effort.

I can look into how to plan a crowd funding. I can
ask fsf if
they want to contribute? Fsf has the required
software and knows how to organize
a crowd funding. One version I like is when a
main sponsor declares he will double paid amounts
up to
a set limit. It motivates people to pay and
ensures the
main sponsor only has to pay if people show
interest in a given crowd funding.

> I
> bet you will get the consent from the Replicant
> project to use their
> name on the crowd funding page.

That is irresponsible if you say replicant would
endorse a crowd funding outside their
own or fsf's website. And I would want people to
ignore such an endorsement. You do
not know if the money gets stolen. The crowd
funding must either be on fsf or replicant's
website. Receiver of
the money should be a cashier in fsf.

> On a personal note. I wouldn't focus my time and
> attention on pinephone
> right now. Mostly because it is still a promise
> and not an actual device
> people can buy. As you can be seen at:
> https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
> > This item is not yet available for purchase from
> the PINE64 store.

It is a valid consideration.

> I would wait until it starts being mass produced.

That would be one way to deal with the pinephone.
A hesitant
approach. To me the pinephone is a move against
established manufactures. Free software people have
an interest in promoting the phone, assuming it
works. One
part is providing as many software systems and as
fast as

> However, if you
> believe that pinephone will be successful, then
> please give it a push.
> GNUtoo already did the initial review and it seems
> to fit most (if not
> all) Replicant requirements.

I suggest I write the chief of pine64 an email.
Telling him
replicant is interested in the phone. But reluctant
because of the early stage the pinephone is in.
I can ask him if pine64 would be interested in
cooperating about devising a strategy
regarding replicant.

> David

Are you a replicant programmer?

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