If you choose XHTML as the output format it /should/ produce <br /> and other XHTML tags. If there is an error, let me know so I can fix it for the next release.

If you can pin it down to one or two lines in the file that would help.


Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

Bassam Abdul-Baki wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

The BrowserRep.htm file appears to be HTML-valid, but isn't XHTML-valid (Would be nice if you changed <br> to <br/>.). As for my .dat file, it appears correct except for some very long URLs. By long, I mean that there are quite a few lines that are wrapping three times in Notepad when Notepad's word wrap is turned off. Could this be a factor? The server that I'm working on has 8 processors and 4 or 8 GB of memory. So memory is not an issue, which is why the out-of-memory failure did not occur.

I'll try and generate a much smaller .dat file to see where the problem is when I get the chance.


At 03:50 PM 6/3/2005, you wrote:


I was missing the Browser Summary report for some reason, after changing the REPORTORDER around I no longer got the OS report. The Browser Summary was
previously the last argument in REPORTORDER and now OS is.

Here's what I've discovered.  The Analog.dat file appears to have all
relevant information. Based on what I've seen from the REPORTORDER, I am
missing all reports after the BROWSERREP argument (Browser report).  My
Analog.cfg file has "BROWREPFLOOR 0r" and the output has 86,045 entries for the browsers. Anyone know if Report Magic can handle that many for Browser
Reports?  Thanks.


Report Magic has no inherent limitations on the number of items in a report. The only significant limitation would be available memory on the system -- but that should result in an out-of-memory failure, not a dropped report.

If you investigate the HTML source from Report Magic does it appear that some of the .dat file contents are appearing in the footer? Otherwise, can you identify a particular line in your .dat file that is causing Report Magic to stop processing? Can you create a small .dat file that reproduces this error?

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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