Recently, Aengus squawked:

> Why would  you want Analog to write IPs into  the cache file if
> you're using QDNS to do resolve the IP addresses?

> The DNS cache file is list of DNS addresses that have  been looked
> up before. It doesn't matter how you create them

I have played with this for two days now and might have a better
handle on how it works.

My main question, albeit clouded, was if qdns made an output into, for
example, dnscache.txt by virtue of looking up ALL addresses found in
ALL logs?

My experiments seem to say qdns only looks up a single log. Whereas it
*appears* that I can place a wildcard inside the analog.cfg explaining
that the daily logs are files named /ex*.log. Then, I guessed, that
analog itself looks through ALL those logs. Whereas, it *seemed*, that
qdns did not.


Robert D.

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