> That did it, sort of. Thanks, Jeremy. Where in the documentation is
> your solution? I looked and looked before posting... I'd like to me
> more self-sufficient.

This is covered in the Quick Start
(http://reportmagic.org/docs/overview.html) under "Setting up Analog for
use with Report Magic."

> I got the statistics, but for some reason, graphics are missing from
> the resulting HTML, and I get another error:

Not sure about the missing graphics. Are they in the folder where the
report is?

> "[graphs} reverse line is not recognized..."

There is no 'reverse line' option that I recall for graphs. You can have
the time reports inverted (i.e. opposite the order of the data table)
using this:

Reverse_Time = 1

> Also, I had to move the .dat file into the report magic directory. I
> suspect it is another bogus Windows thing, but it didn't work when I
> had the file reference:
>    c:\Program Files\Analog\analog.dat
> or
>    "c:\Program Files\Analog\analog.dat"
> It there a way that works in Windows, so I don't have to move the

The first option should work. Report Magic doesn't care about any spaces
after the first non-space character after the first '=' sign.

File_In = c:\Program Files\Analog\analog.dat

You could also try the 8.3 path:

File_In = c:\PROGRA~1\Analog\analog.dat

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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