There is still some naming details to work out. An apache project can be a very big thing.
Take the CLI project in Jakarta commons that would be
apache-jakarta-commons-cli vs the pacakge name org.apache.commons.cli

This is where the previous naming convention breaks for me.


assumes that the 'project' has a single versioning system. Jakarta as a project doesn't. e.g. commons/beanutils has versions very different from commons/logging.

*As an example only*, maven treats commons/beanutils and commons/logging as two separate projects.

Project is a very overloaded word. What I think we are trying to describe is a "distribution unit".
A set of artifacts that are released and versioned as a unit.
apache-jakarta-commons-beanutils is a unit of distribution (UoD ?).

We could call it beanutils, jakarta-beanutils, apache-beanutils, commons-beanutils.

I like the Java package name (i.e. reverse TLD) because it is widely understood and reduce the number of conflicts.
I think it is general enough that non Java projects can find a similar name org-apache-httpd-whatever

R, Nick

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