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Tim Anderson wrote:

I take the view that everything in the repository is an artifact.
Tools can exclude the artifacts they don't need - there can't be any
language agnostic support for this, without adding metadata.


How do you address something like the following:


I don't see the md5 file as an artifact - instead I consider it to be meta data about the jar artifact.

The md5 file is an artifact. Its meta data for the jar, for those tools that understand it.

OK - this view of "artifact" seems to be equivalent to "file".

Here we have an example where a "file" type of .jar matches a <type> seperator. In the case of the MD5 "file" it does not. This difference is what destinguishes the MD5 from the jar. As such - I think we can say that the "file" matching the type context is the artifact and that files that don;t match and are in the same directory represent meta data about the artifact.

But this would require some adjustments on what is and isn't an artifact.


PS - is anyone else having problems with this list? I never
received my original response to this.

This is the only response to this message that I have seen.



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