> I am almost sure that with WIKI we will have much more chaos.
> Wiki it's not a perfect techonology for maitaing disussions.
> -1 for using WIKI for dissusion

I didn't mean solely, I think we need a mixture of both. I think e-mail
threads are good (when tight) but a thread might end with the passionate
folks in disagreement. Those I think we move to the Wiki for voting:


We need to record our votes, some simple pros/cons, and at a suitable point
close the issue and move it to /Decisions.

> +1 for using WIKI for writing down the things which were agreed.

We need this most certainly:


I am scouring the mails to this list to look for things I believe are agreed
upon decisions. I'll most the non-controversial ones here. [If I make a
mistake we can complete discussions on those aspects.]



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