The Repository URI proposal [1] defines artifact-specifier
   artifact-specifier = path_segments

However, this is constrained by the *Artifact Specifier
proposals, enabling URIs which follow the proposals
to be parsed.
For an overview of these proposals, see

Can you provide an example of a URI which can't be parsed?



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> Sent: Friday, 5 December 2003 10:32 AM
> Subject: Re: subproject URI naming convention
> version-name = pchar+ & ~(formal-build-designation | 
> interim-build-designation | latest)
> artifact-specifier = path_segments
> With the N levels of grouping you must look  FIND the version in the 
> middle somewhere
> but version-name can be   jar or apache or jars or foo
> and the path_segments in the product and in the  artifact-specifier can 
> also be jar or apache or jars of foo.
> Unless we tighten up version and artifact type we are not going to be 
> able parse. 
> R,
> Nick

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