Title: RE: betwixt 0.5 release jars

Hi Robert,

Do you build the final release with Maven or Ant?

If it is Maven, the commons build would need to be changed to automate this, but it's pretty easy.

In /commons-build/project.xml

(This is my understanding of the current place for releases of JARs to all be published to - correct me if I'm wrong)

Then from the betwixt checkout of 0.5, run "maven jar:deploy"


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> From: robert burrell donkin [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Sunday, 27 June 2004 8:01 PM
> Subject: betwixt 0.5 release jars
> the new betwixt 0.5 is ready and will be announced soon. i've
> uploaded
> the jar (together with signature and md5) to my home directory on
> minotaur (http://www.apache.org/~rdonkin/commons-betwixt/). it'd
> probably be best if one of the repo team copied them into the
> repository but i'd be willing to execute this myself if some
> instructions were be provided.
> - robert

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