On 27 Jun 2004, at 23:59, Brett Porter wrote:

Hi Robert,

hi brett

Do you build the final release with Maven or Ant?


If it is Maven, the commons build would need to be changed to automate this, but it's pretty easy.

i have a feeling that henri looked into this before - it might even be working already (but see below).

<distributionDirectory>/www/jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta- commons</distributionDirectory>
<distributionDirectory>/www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository/</ distributionDirectory>
In /commons-build/project.xml

(This is my understanding of the current place for releases of JARs to all be published to - correct me if I'm wrong)

i'm a little sensitive to the needs for supervision at the moment (after being strongly reminded on this list before by members who know about these issues). the jar's i've posted have been approved for release. i don't really want to have to run a second vote (again) for a release of different jars to the repo.

i'm sure that once the process is better understood and documented we'll be able to move toward automation without too many people screaming. until then, i'd feel better if some member of the repo committee moved the stuff into place.

- robert

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