Tim O'Brien wrote:
What about having an XML description of the contents of a repository?

Such a description could serve multiple purposes, it could be used to
enumerate known mirrors, it could be used to segment the "namespace" -
say we reach some agreement with Sun and all sun artifacts fall into a
namespace of sun-* and must be redirected to a Sun server, etc.  This
XML file could be used by tools that want to provide a list of every
possible artifact.

What if every Maven repository knew of every other Maven repository
because they all shared a common resolution.xml file (think /etc/hosts
before the existence of DNS - hackish but it worked).

This is something that is already present in the JJar[1] project.

Wouldn't it suffice to just tell the system in what repository to look for to get a certain artifact?

[1] http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/sandbox/jjar/

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