On Thursday 06 January 2005 18:57, Leo Simons wrote:

> Maven has support, ant will have support, magic (from the DPML guys) has
> support, several ant-based scripts are around that provide support. Any
> tool that can HTTP GET can trivially be made to get files from the
> repository. For example I think I've done the basics in python, ruby, and
> bash+wget+grep every now and then.

What "we" (the Dpml guys, as well as Gump guys) would really like to see from 
the Maven/Repository camp in the real short term, is 'placeholders' or just a 
list of the groups and artifacts for non-publishable resources/jars, since 
there is now a variety of different groups/artifactIds for javamail, jca, jdo 
and many others. Letting each project define this makes my local repo a real 
mess... :o(

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