Malthe Borch wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> I've been working on a new web framework named (provisionally) 
>> repoze.bfg.
> This looks very interesting; I'd be curious to see if this could be 
> useful for Vudo. I'd like it very much if Vudo could sit on top of a 
> more general framework (not just the Zope 3 libraries).
> Early on, the idea was that this could be Grok, but it quickly turned 
> out that Grok makes too many assumptions for our use.

You're using Zope 3, right? Zope 3 makes the same set of assumptions 
Grok does, with very minor differences indeed.

Could you be more explicit about what exactly in Grok was making too 
many assumptions?

Wasn't it simply a case of different tastes, instead of assumptions that 
get in the way?



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