Hello, Florent!

Either solution sounds good to me, because we need to test something simple 
and I'm not using something specific to a given LDAP server implementation. 
What do you people think?


On Tuesday August 26, 2008 22:27:41 you wrote:
> If you need simple unit tests you could look at :
> http://www.inoi.fi/open/trac/ldaptor/browser/trunk/ldaptor/protocols/ldap/l
> If you need more advanced tests (ie: are we compatible with MSAD,
> OpenLDAP etc) then you need real LDAP server around. We (TurboGears)
> have a buildbot farm with diverse slaves being setup if you're
> interested please as for buildbot testing in tg trunk.
> I for one would like to have tg.repoze.who unit tested and
> functionally tested in automation... and this is clearly close enough
> to what you want.
> Florent.

Gustavo Narea.

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