2008/12/22 Martin Aspeli <optil...@gmx.net>:
> I think the fact that Chameleon now uses repoze.zcml may be. And my
> argument is that if you want to both use other parts of the Repoze stack
> that use the Zope 3 CA, and you want this minimal set of dependencies,
> then you're going to have to make the same change to all of those, which
> means that all other users of those packages have to live with the two
> ways of configuring components. That may be inappropriate. At least I
> think it deserves some serious consideration, not at least given how
> integration-oriented the Repoze stack tries to be.

Chameleon no longer depends on repoze.zcml, or zope.configuration for
that matter. It does still attempt to look up translators as Zope
components, but it comes with a "default" configuration implemented as
a module-global Python dictionary.

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