2008/12/23 Martin Aspeli <optil...@gmx.net>:
> Because you have to maintain it forever. Of course, you may not mind
> doing that - it'll be a case-by-case thing.

The fundamental codebase of Zope 3 is rather stable I think. I don't
think it needs much maintainance. There's one thing I'd like to
change/maintain, which is to get rid of C-extensions that were
originally written for two reasons:

1) Python was not flexible/dynamic enough at the time
2) Zope's security-model requires awareness throughout the codebase

>From recent discussion on zope-dev I get the feeling that the Zope
project has gone into a maintainance-state and is no longer being
actively developed, besides third-party extensions.

If acquisition was the most problematic decision of Zope 2, then the
Zope 3 security machinery is the most problematic in Zope 3. The
reason is the same: it's everywhere.

Since the development of Zope 3 has effectively ceased, I think it's
natural that the fork started by Chris last year continues to grow and
eventually will take over completely (when necessary).

We all have different points of view and I think this thread
demonstrates very well why "eating what you like" is healthy for a
community, because we can live with internal unrest. You don't like
ZCML, don't use it. Not a fan of security proxies? Don't proxy your

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