On Monday February 9, 2009 21:34:43 Chris McDonough wrote:
> The thing you sent over a patch and a bugreport for is a plugin for
> repoze.who's RedirectingFormPlugin.  This plugin happens to ship with
> repoze.who itself (it's one of the default plugins), but TG2's "what"
> quickstart doesn't actually use this plugin directly anyway: it overrides
> it with the Friendly version, which is part of r.what; so fixing the
> Friendly one in r.what's quickstart should mean you're good to go without
> requiring any new repoze.who release.

No exactly. The bug in RedirectingFormPlugin will still be present even if 
used through FriendlyRedirectingFormPlugin because the challenger of the 
former redirects to the login page ignoring the script name.

> Of course, we'll fix r.who in the meantime and eventually release a fixed
> version, but you shouldn't need to wait for us to do so.  I would have just
> applied the SCRIPT_NAME patch that Gustavo wrote to RedirectingFormPlugin
> if it had been correct; but as it stands, it can't work, so I'll need to
> understand the issue and write a correct patch which I haven't had time to
> do yet.

The problem of the patch was in the use of SCRIPT_PATH (instead of 

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