Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> I was under the assumption that both repoze.who and
> repoze.what_quickstart are part of the repoze packages, and therefore
> need to be updated to respect script_name. If that is incorrect,
> please correct me.

The thing you sent over a patch and a bugreport for is a plugin for repoze.who's
RedirectingFormPlugin.  This plugin happens to ship with repoze.who itself (it's
one of the default plugins), but TG2's "what" quickstart doesn't actually use
this plugin directly anyway: it overrides it with the Friendly version, which is
part of r.what; so fixing the Friendly one in r.what's quickstart should mean
you're good to go without requiring any new repoze.who release.

Of course, we'll fix r.who in the meantime and eventually release a fixed
version, but you shouldn't need to wait for us to do so.  I would have just
applied the SCRIPT_NAME patch that Gustavo wrote to RedirectingFormPlugin if it
had been correct; but as it stands, it can't work, so I'll need to understand
the issue and write a correct patch which I haven't had time to do yet.

- C

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