On 4/27/09 2:12 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> On 4/27/09 1:28 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> Chris McDonough wrote:
>>>> But anyway, yeah.  For someone who has never used zope.component, though, 
>>>> it's
>>>> really not that important ("more strictly" compares to zope.component).
>>> Reading that page as someone who does use zope.component, I was also not
>>> entirely convinced of the rationale for this package. I'm not saying
>>> there isn't one (though it smells a bit unfortunate that we're inventing
>>> a plugin system that's almost the same as zope.component, yet
>>> incompatible), but the aforementioned documentation didn't explain it
>>> sufficiently IMHO.
>> There's no *good* reason.  The only reasons are bad.
> Agreed.
>> The primary driver is that
>> we're trying to work with the Pylons community to share implementation bits. 
>>  I
>> suggested that they might use something like zope.configuration to do system
>> configuration.  But it turns out that some in that community are completely
>> befuddled by zope.component and those in that community who are not 
>> befuddled by
>> it are actively hostile to it.  They may still be befuddled by and hostile to
>> something that is simpler, but at least we'll have something to argue about 
>> on
>> technical grounds rather than emotion.
> I can't see much reason for us to try to share code with people who
> won't even attempt a rational evaluation of the candidate.

Personally, I think there is benefit to both reaching out to people who aren't 
quite on board as well as participating in some introspection about why we do 
what we do.  I don't attempt a rational evaluation of, say, Mathematica, 
I just can't see how it would help me in my every day life.  OTOH, if I had a 
library that just did simple graphing, I'd have some context as to how it might 
help me (even if I ended up disusing it anyway).

>  -1 to
> bikeshedding this thing further;  +1 to an 'svn rm'.

Bikeshedding?  I'm beggining to hate that word.  Like "Pythonic".

I really don't care about the bits; it's more a decomposition exercise.

There's always your mailer's "ignore thread".

- C
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