2009/4/28 Chris Rossi <ch...@archimedeanco.com>:
>> (to target documents inside the help center section). Or whatever
>> language/abstraction that can fit the bill. Note that to match this
>> "for" clause, something more than a simple component lookup is
>> required.
> I'm not sure that I see the need for that personally, but maybe it just
> hasn't sunk in yet why I'd want to do that.

Just today, someone asked the question of how to register a "viewlet"
(is that a legal word on the mailinglist?) such that it appeared in
some section and below.

I think that's a problem that's harder than it should be; certainly
we're familiar with the notion of "this element and below" in the DOM;
why can't we have the same notion for the object hierarchy?

>>> registry.look("img_processor")
>   { 'Fuzzy Clouds': <FuzzyCloudsPlugin ojbect at 0x00000000>,
>     'Satanic Request':  <SatanicRequestPlugin at 0x00000000>,
>     'Greenery Plugin': <GreeneryPlugin at 0x00000000>,
>     etc...
>   }

``zope.component.getAllUtilitiesFor`` does that.

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