Nathan Van Gheem wrote:
> Hello all,
> I realize my opinion may not matter very much, but as one who uses many 
> of the repoze packages often, I often wondered why the repoze namespace 
> was used for many of the packages.

Because we're lazy and unoriginal.  And we like being able to name a package:


Rather than needing to come up with a name like:


> I am of the opinion that it hurts the potential adoption of some of the 
> great packages and is a little misleading in some cases.

It does, and it is.

> So I am in agreement with Malthe on this. I have thought the very same 
> thing he is talking about here often.

TBH, I'm not really very worried about it for middleware packages and such. 
For larger things like BFG, yeah.  But we have bw compat concerns, and so on 
and so on.  So.. it is what it is.

- C

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