>> I was thinking of this too — it is good to return control back to
>> application during handling of this kind of errors (4xx). Also it will
>> convert notfound/forbidden views from special cases of Router
>> processing cycle to special cases of "exception view".
> Right, I think it makes sense... do you think you might want to take a stab
> at implementing that?

Ok, what about reusing the current view registering/lookup machinery?
I mean can we treat exception views as views for context defined by
raised exception? So raising exception is just context switching
inside request processing.


* We can define different exception views for different request predicates.
* Unification with view machinery.


* We cannot access previously located context (if there was one),
cause it replaced with current exception context.
* We should register exception views for exception interfaces, not
classes. This is because adapter lookup uses IRO, not standard MRO.

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