On 4/8/10 1:33 PM, Iain Duncan wrote:
> Cool. that makes sense. So here's a question that didn't seem
> immediately obvious from the docs and could possibly be made clearer as
> a foot note in there somewhere ( or maybe I just missed it ), can
> context be used with an interface?

Yes, as it says in 

    An object representing Python class that the context must be an instance 
of, or the interface that the context must provide in order for this view to be 
found and called.

An explanation is made about implementing interfaces here:


> I totally understand the motivation
> to not force people to understand or care about the ZCA and interfaces,
> but again, a big motivator for me in switching to bfg is the ZCA
> integration, so *maybe* it could be mentioned more obviously that we can
> do view look up by interface as well as class name?

I think I need a concrete suggestion or two about how to make it more obvious.

> It's just a gut impression I had reading the new docs, they are
> excellent and super clear, but I feel like it's harder to make the
> connection with the under-the-hood Zope based principals than it could be.

Thanks.  But BFG isn't really aiming for fidelity with Zope, and the fact that 
it uses ZCA "under the hood" is more or less an implementation detail.  If you 
want something that brings the ZCA "front and center", you might be better off 
using a framework like Zope itself, Bluebream or Grok.

- C
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