On 1 March 2010 18:47, Uli Fouquet <u...@gnufix.de> wrote:
> But with Chameleon trunk gives::
>  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>  File "...chameleon/trunk/src/chameleon/core/codegen.txt", line 48, in 
> codegen.txt
>  Failed example:
>      suite.source
>  Expected:
>      "result = econtext['_path'](econtext['options'], True, 'test')\n"
>  Got:
>      "result = econtext['econtext']['_path'](econtext['econtext']['options'], 
> True, 'test')\n"

That's not easy on the eye, granted. However, none of the current
tests expose this behavior: I tried putting a conditional breakpoint
in the transformation code and it never occurred.

I wonder if you have this issue with the current revision.

That said, it would be good to have some sort of sanity test that
generated code is reasonably optimal. Currently we have just a very
simple benchmark that doesn't nearly demonstrate overall performance
and then we routinely run benchmarks against a larger system such as

I think it would be worth it to go through the generated code for
Plone to see if it looks optimal, or if there are obvious problems
such as the one you've pointed out. Rinse and repeat for every major
change, perhaps.

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