> Hi. Can you please upload a better image of our organisation. Please provide 
> me
> email id so that i can send the image or else the image can be taken from
> http://mahiti.org/portal_css/images/mahiti-logo.jpg this url.Even
> http://srikanth-suri.blogspot.com/2010/04/leave-management-system-open-source.html
> would do. A bit of encouragement, appreciation and recognition can boost our
> morale and can make us contribute better for Open Source Community.We are an 
> and develop software also. We are based in India and spearhead the Open Source
> Movement in India. We conduct workshops for students, employees, common men
> alike and spread the usage of Open Source. We use only Open Source Products 
> and
> build the software and provide them for people.

Was this message really directed for this list?  If so, I'm not sure 
what you're asking us to do with the image.

- C
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