On 04/29/2010 03:08 AM, Srikanth T wrote:
> Hi Chris
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.repoze.devel/3082
> In the above link, our organisation's logo is there. But, it's not
> visible properly. Can a better logo of Mahiti be uploaded there?

Oh.  No.  We have no control over that.  That's a third-party service 
(Gmane) that happens to archive traffic from this maillist.  I have no 
idea where those images come from. If you want your logo there to appear 
bigger or differently, you'll have to take it up with Gmane.

Note that I personally don't ever even see any HTML you send in your 
emails.  My email reader strips off all HTML and only shows me the plain 
text.  I also never use Gmane, I just see your mail come in to my inbox. 
  So that's why I had no idea what you meant when you asked "please 
update my image."

- C
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