On 6/23/10 17:27 , Chris McDonough wrote:
> I think this is maybe a little backwards.
> Many, many repoze things will work in turbogears 2 (almost all repoze
> middleware such as repoze.who and repoze.tm2  as well as libraries such
> as deform, colander, venusian, etc).  But they'll also work fine in any
> other WSGI framework too, so there's nothing particularly special about
> them working in Turbogears 2, and adding a "turbogears2" keyword might
> make people think that they *don't* work in other WSGI frameworks.
> Is there something else I can do?  Use some more neutral keyword?

Are we already using the "Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: WSGI :: 
Middleware" classifier? Everything in that category should work fine 
with turbogears and the classifier is nicely generic.

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