On 02/16/2015 02:43 PM, marivalen wrote:
Furthermore the Doxyfile configuration file embedded in each package
using doxygen is often copied from the upstream defaults and thus
enables HTML_TIMESTAMP. The following query on codesearch.d.n shows that
277 source packages are affected:

So no matter whether my patch to doxygen is applied or not, these 277
source packages will either need individual fixes or a change to doxygen
which allows to ignore the setting of HTML_TIMESTAMP in Doxyfile. I can
implement this but this again has to be discussed with the Debian
maintainers and doxygen upstream.

As explained in my last email any reasonable fix (the unreasonable being letting doxygen in Debian never output timestamps) requires patching the 200+ source packages affected by the issue individually.

Thus, if there is no objection I will proceed with filing bugs with patches against the affected source packages and let them be blocked by bug #778490 if the source package uses Latex.

Cheers, akira

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