Le 29/09/2015 16:32, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> I would like to take the opportunity to raise the following concern. I
> support the reproducible builds effort but I think the periodic e-mails
> to pkg-java are often not useful enough at the moment. There are far too
> many false-positives. The list should be reserved for discussing bug
> reports and due the flood of reproducible e-mails it happens that one
> can miss a bug report.

I agree the false positive are annoying, but this is understandable
since the system is still in development (the recent addition of
disorderfs caused some troubles for example). Fortunately the
reproducible builds team is very reactive and the issues are solved
quickly. I expect the notifications to stabilize progressively.

> The reports would be most useful if they included only confirmed FTBFS
> in testing. I know detecting FTBFS is only a by-product of the
> reproducible build effort but those bugs are the most interesting ones
> for us.

Actually I tend to prefer the reports in unstable. The reports in
testing are often duplicates of issues already known in unstable, and
sometimes they are already fixed in unstable when they are notified in
testing. If we were to keep the reports for only suite I'd prefer the
unstable reports since it gives a faster feedback on our work.

Emmanuel Bourg

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