Hi Santiago,

On Mittwoch, 25. November 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > why? (eg bug number)
> Because their Architecture field in the Sources.gz file does not include
> amd64.

ah, ok, then please don't mention those in notes.git as they automatically 
show up on 
https://reproducible.debian.net/unstable/amd64/index_not_for_us.html and/or 

If they don't, it's a bug in reproducible.debian.net and should be treated as 
> > - and should we blacklist them?
> This is up to you. Blacklist is a very strong word, these are nice
> packages that have not done anything wrong :-)

indeed :)
> The "right" fix for this very little anomaly is that they should not
> be in the list of packages to be built to begin with.

nope, we have something better, see above :) how did you notice?

also please revert this commit/change, thanks!


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