Hi Santiago,

On Mittwoch, 25. November 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> I was making package lists to check for "dpkg-buildpackage -A",
> for amd64 and for i386.

saw those bugs, nice work!
> Of those, cmucl FTBFS (just reported, without even using -A), so I
> went to reproducible.debian.net to confirm, and the funny thing is
> that it appeared as "depwait".

we had some squid problems this weekend which caused "the machinery" to run 
havoc a bit. since then we have increased diskspace on jenkins.d.n (which 
quite probably was the cause for squid going down - and this was causing other 
issues anyway too) and I've added 30m sleep to build jobs which encounter a 
404 (in addition to 15m already…) - as those should not happen at all (but 
they do happen if squid has problems.)

so next time the effects of such service downtimes should be less.
> > also please revert this commit/change, thanks!
> Ok, I've made one more commit which not only reverts the change I did
> but also drops a comment similar which according to what you have just
> said it should not be in notes.git.

> Thanks.

likewise, really! :-)


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