Ceri Davies wrote:
> It occurs to me that I've been reviewing patches posted here where it
> might not actually be welcome.  Tell me to shut up if necessary,
> although I'm concerned that this review should happen and preferably in
> good time after a submission is posted (rather than after the
> potentially long wait for a sponsor to come forward).
> Ceri
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> request-sponsor mailing list
> request-sponsor at opensolaris.org

I think if a patch is posted before a sponsor signs up, then all bets 
are off.

I don't want input solely from people who have a .sun.com mail address.

What I would like to see happen by the way, is that all sponsored bugs 
get code
reviewed in the open. The webrevs go up on cr.opensolaris.org and the code
review request go to either this list or something like 
request-review at opensolaris.org.
And you could also throw in some project specific list if needed. I.e., 
I'll send
mine to nfs-discuss.

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