Hello Rainer,

Thanks for submitting the request to revive the UltraSPARC I
support. Rather than integrating this into the ON consolidation
due to engineering constraints (see below), the best way forward
is for this support to be maintained either by yourself
and/or an interested team of OpenSolaris folks as an OpenSolaris
project. This would be hosted on the www.opensolaris.org website.
Have a read of http://www.opensolaris.org/os/communities/ as a
starting point for this; posting to the
             opensolaris-discuss at opensolaris.org
would be the point to start the ball rolling for the project.

Supporting old hardware from an engineering perspective is non
trivial. The reasons being that the older hardware may not actually
support the newer facilities within ON, for example the FMA
framework and dtrace or they may support it in some limited fashion
and thus cause exceptions within the code base. Having the older
hardware would increase the test matrix and as such increase the
time it takes for the tests to complete. Maintaining that many
old machines/systems may also prove to be unreasonable (thinking
about hardware failures here).


Assitant Tech Lead for Nevada

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