This is a request for sponsors for fixing the following list of bugs:

BUG ID: 6904557
BUG Synopsis: wc no longer counts number of bytes correctly

BUG ID:  6904575
BUG Synopsis: cut -d with multibyte character no longer works

BUG ID: 6904597
BUG Synopsis: paste -d no longer works with multibyte characters

BUG ID:  6904780
BUG Synopsis: usr/bin/chksum changed output in snv_128

BUG ID: 6904870
BUG Synopsis: uniq -s does not skip multibyte characters correctly

BUG ID: 6904878
BUG Synopsis: join -t no longer works with multibyte char separator

The same patch will fix the the P1 STOPPER bug:
BUG ID: 6900314
BUG Synopsis: (while true ; do true | true ; done) hang in ioctl() with SIGTTOU

Name: Olga Kryzhanovska
Opensolaris user name: fleyta
SCA ID: #OS0402
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