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I'm new to quercus (but not to Java or PHP) and I'm trying a few proof-of-concept experiments to see if it would fit well within my organization. A few questions:
  • I see that if I write a "module-style" Java class, which just adds a new global function to PHP, I can pass the Env object so that I have access to various environment contexts (request, response, etc.) from within Java. But what if I write a "POJO-style" Java class (one that I simply instantiate from PHP with the "new" operator? In that case, how do I get access to the request and response objects, for example?

  • If I create POJO-style Java classes, must I create a <class type="example.JavaClass"/> entry in my web.xml for every class I intend to instantiate from PHP? Also, I noticed in the example at http://wiki.caucho.com/PHP_Hello_World_Class that the class is instantiated as "new JavaClass" and not "new example.JavaClass" -- so what happened to the package name? The name "JavaClass" is not fully qualified.
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