Hi again,

In the end, I have been able to solve my problem by accessing the 
request attribute "javax.servlet.include.request_uri" which contains the 
URI of the request that is being included.

Reading the servlet spec., I don't find it very clear if the 
".getRequestURI()" method on the request passed to the filter has to 
return the original request or the included one. As it specifies that 
the request has to add some data about the included request, as 
attributes, it seems to imply that the request method's have to return 
the original data... but then why forwarded requests do not?

In any case, I'm not so sure it that would qualify as a bug in Resin or 
simply an interpretation of a unclear spec.

I just wanted to state one solution, in case someone comes across the 
same issue.

Daniel Lopez Janariz ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Web Services
Centre for Information and Technology
Balearic Islands University


> --- Daniel López <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I'm having a problem with servlet filters and requests accessed through 
>>jsp:include, but as it is my first attempt I'm not sure if I'm 
>>forgetting something or it's a Resin bug.
> Hi Daniel,
> I filed this as a bug: http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=1414
> Thanks for the report and test case!
> Emil Ong
> Software Engineer
> Caucho Technology, Inc.
> Tel. (858) 456-0300

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