All I can say is that during development, when we reload the web 
applications many times, when the container is about tu run OutOfMemory 
it gives similar error messages to the ones you describe (classes not 
found that have already been used etc).

In our case, it seems to be related to classloaders having some 
references that are not cleaned appropriately, sometimes by foreign code 
like DataSources holding to drivers but as it is usually just a problem 
in development, we have not had time to chase it in detail.

In any case, the symptoms you describe are usually a indication of an 
incoming OutOfMemoryError, the reason itself for the error is another story.

I know that does not help much, but unless you are reloading your 
application multiple times, I would look for a memory leak.

Good luck!

Olli Aro escribió:

> Anyone? I am really stuck with this one :(
> Olli
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> Subject: [Resin-interest] Ramdon class loader problem
> Hi all,
> I have this weird problem with one of our servers running Resin 2.1 whereby
> everything is working fine most of the time and then suddenly you get class
> loader "class cannot be found" error for classes that were loaded ok before.
> The only way to resolve issue is to do Resin restart.
> Since I am not too familiar with Resin I am now not quite sure if this is
> something in our application or if this is a Resin issue. Has anyone
> experienced anything similar before? Could it be something like an early
> symptom of memory running out?
> Regards,
> Olli   

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