In fact, it is nothing too fancy, it basically does the same that the 
Caucho Proxy Servlet does but it allows you to specify a list of init 
parameters that, working in pairs, allow you to specify a recognition 
regexp pattern and a replacement pattern. Something like that:
You only need to make sure the mapping of the filter matches all the 
requests you want, and the ones that match no criteria from the init 
parameters simply pass through the filter untouched.

Not sure how useful it will be to others, but in our case it works 
pretty well as it gets SiteMesh to believe that some remote pages are 
local resources, so they get "decorated" appropriately. It is an 
intermediate step before we migrate to a real portal solution, but time 
and resources forced us to get something done before schedule.

Barring some implementation problems when we perform the stress tests, 
it is working great for us.


Scott Ferguson escribió:

> On Nov 6, 2006, at 2:10 AM, Daniel López wrote:
>>Before we found out about that one, we developed our own ProxyFilter,
>>instead of a servlet, with a bit more complex URL mapping features,
>>using regular expressions.
> Sounds very cool.  We've been discussing the idea of integrating the  
> ProxyFilter with the <rewrite-dispatch> tag like we've done for the  
> load balancer.
>>We have done it to be able to integrate some back-end dynamic services
>>with a site driven by SiteMesh, and so far it works pretty well. We  
>>to test it under heavy load yet, as we are still developing it and  
>>not reached that phase.
>>I thought about contributing it back to Resin, the extra regexp based
>>mapping fatures, as I did it for our own OS framework, but I  
>>haven't had
>>time to find out if/how Caucho handles contributions and integrate  
>>part into the Resin servlet.
> A bug report detailing the configuration/features would really be great.
> The hard part is generally coming up with a good design or  
> understanding what applications really need.
> --Scott

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