Before we found out about that one, we developed our own ProxyFilter, 
instead of a servlet, with a bit more complex URL mapping features, 
using regular expressions.

We have done it to be able to integrate some back-end dynamic services 
with a site driven by SiteMesh, and so far it works pretty well. We have 
to test it under heavy load yet, as we are still developing it and have 
not reached that phase.

I thought about contributing it back to Resin, the extra regexp based 
mapping fatures, as I did it for our own OS framework, but I haven't had 
time to find out if/how Caucho handles contributions and integrate that 
part into the Resin servlet.


Mattias Jiderhamn escribió:

> At 2006-11-04 17:05, Dan McGinn-Combs wrote:
>>I'm using Resin as an externally facing web server - but I would like to use
>>it as a front-end to another, internal web server running on a different
>>machine on a non-standard port. So... does Resin have a built-in Proxy

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