Hello Jan,

* Jan Kriesten wrote on 2007-04-28:

> > The Stripes presensation framework (http://stripes.mc4j.org/)
> > apparently doesn't work with JSP 2.1
> > (http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.java.stripes.user/2512).
> acutally, stripes works without problems here. i'm using it with v3.1
> resin pro.

Could you try the "Bugzooky" demo please? With Resin 3.1 and Jetty 6
with activated JSP 2.1, the registration doesn't work, claiming always,
that the passwords don't match.

On the stripes list are made speculations, that it might be an EL-issue:

| I think it's the expression="this == user.password" line in the
| validation, annotation - that expression is EL which is part of
| jsp-api.jar.  They must have changed something in the el package from
| 2.0 to 2.1 and it's broken.

(see also the thread

Any ideas? I've been using only non-jsp templating like RIFE, so I
I've problems to made deductions from the this information...


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