This is the best write-up I've seen on how browsers and proxy servers 

Then once you know what you want in headers, this page is a good 
discussion of the various browser and server-side caching features in 
Resin 3.1:

What you want is certainly very doable and hopefully straight-forward 
after reading these docs.  The first site also links to an online tool 
that can test whether you've got the headers working right.

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Jean-Francois Lamy wrote:
> I am trying to understand how resin, apache and proxies interact with
> respect to caching.
> I have a jsp page which is meant to be always dynamic; headers are used to
> prevent it from being cached.
> However, the page loads js, css, and various images, which I would like to
> be cached.
> Currently,  the browser (IE7) requests those items, and Resin returns 304
> (up-to-date) status.  The browser is NOT set to force request at each page.
> This generates a lot of requests, which are painful when going through
> proxies.
> Is there a recipe for forcing the JSP to always reload (my JSPs are served
> through a dispatching servlet which does an include, and therefore servlet
> is able manipulate the headers), and yet let the browser know that the js
> and css it has in cache are just fine ?
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