Do you have a lot of jsp's? We don't deploy war files, but I do notice that when we have any old jsp's laying around that have errors in them, resin attempts to recompile them every time it starts, and this slows down the start time considerably. So, if you have jsp's in your war, you might want to consider compiling them before you create your war file. Not sure if that's even possible, but I bet it would reduce your start times considerably, at the expense of increasing the size of your war file, of course.


On Oct 30, 2008, at 07:37, Sandeep Ghael wrote:

We are also on REsin 3.1.6. We restart the server each deploy because of behavior exactly described below.

Possibly unrelated but also strange issue we see is abnormally long re-start times, on a 2 server cluster where the process is:

kill server 1
deploy war 1
restart server 1... wait long time for it to restart
then repeat for server 2

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