Scott wrote:
> Did you build from resin/branches/3.1 or the trunk? 
3.1 branch.

Now I'm browsing around the
com.caucho.server.port.TcpConnection._request which is never explicitly
release, but I realize it's getting a bit too late on this side of the
Atlantic ocean so I better continue tomorrow unless you find the source
of the problem until then.


Mattias Jiderhamn wrote (2008-11-04 22:24):
> I noticed this bug was marked as resolved, so I tried reloading our
> webapp running on Resin compiled from SVN. Same problem.
> Familiarizing myself a bit further with YourKit and comparing with the
> sources, I believe both
> com.caucho.jca.UserTransactionProxy._threadTransaction and
> com.caucho.transaction.TransactionManagerImpl._threadTransaction
> should be cleared properly.
> Although I have not yet found the path to the HttpRequest. I could
> send you my YourKit snapshot if that helps in tracking this down.
>  /Mattias
> Scott Ferguson wrote (2008-10-30 16:11):
>> On Oct 30, 2008, at 6:39 AM, Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
>>> Although embarrassed to admit it, we have had long standing problems
>>> with PermGen memory leaks. We have gotten used to restarting the  
>>> server
>>> every time we redeploy, to avoid OutOfMemoryError. Since we would like
>>> to make use of - or at least evaluate - some of the new Resin features
>>> like WAR versioning, I thought I’d give fixing this another shot.
>> I've added this as
>> That ThreadLocal needs to be cleared in a finally block when the  
>> request completes.  I'll need to check on that.
>> -- Scott

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