In our case, we still use Apache, due to other things we need, but we 
have always used mod_proxy to communicate with the backoffice Resin 
instances, instead of mod_caucho.

Even if you finally migrate to Resin as front-end web server, you could 
try to move to using mod_proxy in the interim with your current Apache.

Scott Ferguson escribió:
> On Feb 18, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Ryan Vanderwerf wrote:
>> Does anyknow know if Resin 3.1 has any kind of reverse proxy support  
>> similar to the ProxyPass options in Apache? We are exploring whether  
>> Resin could be the font-end web server for our application instead  
>> of Apache - mostly due to issues we are having with mod_caucho  
>> communications.
> There's a proxy servlet name com.caucho.servlets.HttpProxyServlet.
> The servlet uses a "host" parameter to specify the backend servers:
> <servlet servlet-name="http-proxy"
>                 servlet-class="com.caucho.servlets.HttpProxyServlet">
>    <init host=""/>
> </servlet>
> -- Scott
>> Ryan

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