> In our case, we still use Apache, due to other things we need, but we
> have always used mod_proxy to communicate with the backoffice Resin
> instances, instead of mod_caucho.

This is a smashing idea, and I feel like an idiot for not seeing it.
Unfortunately, ProxyPassMatch is broken in the RPM based RedHat
Apache.  This is at the same time mod_caucho will not build on any new
CentOS or RedHat servers.

Is your use of mod_proxy fairly basic, or have you been required to do
some imaginative directives with regex?  At least with mod_proxy, I
can upgrade Apache and utilize ProxyPassMatch where mod_caucho fails
under any configuration.  I'm not excited about this prospect either,
but there is nothing we can do about mod_caucho.  You have given me
another option out of this problem.


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