Daniel López wrote:
> Quite simple: you just need to have mod_proxy* enabled in your Apache 
> instalation and then add something like...
> ProxyPass /appx http://resin_host:resin_port/appx
> ProxyPassReverse /appx http://resin_host:resin_port/appx
I am experiencing server memory leaks in my http child processes. I 
can't nail these down and they have been present for literally years, 
always using mod_caucho. I fix them by limiting the requests they serve 
in apaches httpd.conf - not ideal. Now I'm not pointing the finger here, 
far from it, but this approach is excellent as another test for me to 
perform. Sincere thanks...!

I'd need to do all the virtual hosts plus their webapps -  defined as 
such in both apache and resin. Your example suggests just webapps? Also 
SSL? Does this impact resins sticky session handling? Performance? 
Basically, there must be some downside or there would be no need for 
mod_caucho at all. Plus my infamous bug 
http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=3013 could have been sidestepped 6 
months earlier than it took :-(

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