It depends on what your services, performance, and bandwidth requirements are.

Anyway, there are (a few) options.
ldirectord - (low level)
balance -- (low level)
trafficmanager -- (yahoo lb turned open-source)
zxtm -- (free/commercial)

You can do this at the network level (MAC/IP) or application level (http, etc.).

There are tons of reverse-proxies with load-balancing too.

There is nothing wrong with using Apache and Resin, but people do use
apache for things that aren't in its core set of features and then
wonder why there are problems...

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 2:24 AM, Wesley Wu <> wrote:
> Hi Jon & Scott,
> I don't like apache either but resin 4.0.2 cluster web-tier seems
> unstable for me.
> I've not tested the 4.0.3 cluster.
> My Apache config:
> ResinHost 6801
> ResinBackup 6801
> Which load balancer will be more appropriate for this usage?
> Thanks.

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