I'm just getting started with Quercus and am in a situation where an  
existing application is using AMFPHP.  Looking at the client packets  
that AMFPHP is storing in the logs, they appear to be well-formed.   
When I look at them on the wire with Wireshark, they have Java class  
names in them.

It makes perfect sense that the objects in Quercus are Java objects,  
but the serialization of same seems to be different than what AMFPHP  
wants to serialize them as, causing the issue. If I am understanding  
the issue correctly, is there a way to have the objects serialize as  
if they were native PHP objects?

Failing that, I would like to modify AMFPHP so that it uses BlazeDS to  
send the object over the wire.  Has anyone attempted this?  If it's  
just dead simple, that's a perfectly appropriate answer too.  I was  
just hoping to not dig all the way into this to find there are known  
issues in this realm.

Any information kindly appreciated,


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